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Iolite Original

Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer

List Price: $199.00

Special Price: $119.00

Butane can only be shipped with the free ground option, and is only available in USA.

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The Iolite Original - The Vape that Cuts the Power Cord!  

  • -Powered By Butane, No Electricity Needed
  • -Heats Quickly
  • -Temperature Precisely Controlled.  
  • -Discreet Design
  • -Auto Heat Shutoff

Iolite (from Ireland) broke the mold with the Original.  There are no cords, batteries or recharging to mess with. The OG is powered by Butane which fuels a flame that heats a chamber containing your aromatic blends.  A can of butane could fill the Iolite a gazillion times, so you can refill your Iolite in an instant.  Being free from electricity allows you to take this portable vaporizer on extended trips where power isn't an option.  The design is simple and smart, and everything from loading to cleaning is a absolute breeze.  

How it Works

Method - Conduction - This vape is powered by butane, which fuels a flame that heats a metal chamber, which then heats your aromatic blends through direct contact with the heated metal.  The flame is thermostatically controlled.   Whats that mean?  Basically once the vape has ignition, its able to control its heat level automatically.  When its heat levels that are two high, the internal flame shrinks in size, when it gets too low for vaporization, the flame kicks on automatically.  Its a brilliant system.  

Style - Direct Draw - Once the chamber is hot, you directly inhale from the Original's mouthpiece.   Iolite includes a few extra tube/mouthpiece sections, we found them to be quite useful.   

Perfect For - Aromatherapy Blends, dry materials only.  Enough said.  

Accessories -  Need More mouthpieces? Extra Screens?  We got 'em.  

Why We Love It

The Iolite takes portability to a new level. With a can of butane, you can power this amazing little vape for potentially hundreds and hundreds of uses. Your experience will vary! We love the ease of use, the generous chamber size, and ingenious design. If you love to vape and find yourself away from outlets for extended periods, the Iolite is the Vaporizer for you.

Butane can only be shipped with the free ground option, and is only available in USA.

Manufacturer Oglesby & Butler
Included Iolite

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    Just a fair warning for those considering purchasing an Iolite.  They have horrible customer service and their units don't work at higher altitudes.  They don't mention this at all on their website nor do any of their merchants.  I purchased a WISPR only to discover that it didn't work.  I had to ship it back to Iolite at my own expense, and after 6 weeks -- yes 6 weeks and tons of calls and emails -- they sent me a replacement.  Of course, this unit didn't work either. I finally got someone on phone who told me they knew these didn't work at my altitude (I live in Denver, 5,000 feet above sea level, certainly not Mt Everest).  My butane lighter works fine, even at 10,000 feet, so go figure.  After sending 2nd unit back and another 6 weeks, I get a message that "the device works fine."  No shit Sherlock, you are testing it at sea level.  So now they refuse to refund my money, instead offering yet another replacement unit that I know will not work.  It's really pathetic customer service. (Posted on 10/20/12)

  2. Wouldn't recommend it Review by KDubb

    Lasted less than a year. Towards the end, it became harder and harder to ignite. It was a pain to have to get propane periodically, I prefer rechargeable battery. (Posted on 9/26/12)

  3. Not the Best, But Decent Review by Mick

    Hey All,

    I've had this vaporizer for about a year now. It still works as well as it did the first day i got it, which is why I gave it 4 stars for quality. The vapor could be thicker. Upon checking Amazon and other places, I find the price to be pretty consistent, this site has it for a low price compared to others.

    Can't beat free overnight shipping either.. (Posted on 8/6/12)

  4. Decent Vape, Great for the Price Review by Pete

    I wanted to review this vaporizer because everyone I know always talks about how vapes are too expensive these days. Come on! People spend money on glass, way more than 100 bucks. The Iolite Original is a nice vaporizer for the money. It does not have any fancy gimmicks or features, but it fills me up with tasty vapors without the hassle of batteries, temp settings, etc. The only drawback for me is the lack of fuel gauge, but after a month or so it becomes totally obvious when the fuel chamber is empty.

    I would def recommend this to a friend, in fact I already have and now we get together and vape sometimes. XD (Posted on 7/11/12)

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  6. Conquer everywhere Review by Wesley

    With the IOlite in hand, the world is my oyster. It's super easy to use, there's an ON/OFF switch and an ignition button. That's IT! I literally take it with me everywhere. I live near the mountains so day hiking with the vaporizer means BAM amazing colors and goood vibes. I've used it at music shows, clubs, the movie theatre once, bars, restaurants. I tell people it's an inhaler and they leave me alone. The only time someone noticed what it was, they asked for a drag. LOL (Posted on 4/6/12)

  7. Good Review by CCK

    The iolite produces smooth vapor. It's a great portable unit and since it's butane based it heats up almost instantly. This is my go-to vape for portable use. (Posted on 3/28/12)

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