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Persei Vaporizer - Black Persei Vaporizer - Black Persei Vaporizer - Filling Funnel Persei Vaporizer - Black - Battery Tool

Persei Vaporizer - Black

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Persei - A Revolutionary Vaporizer for the True Connoisseur


  • - For Solid Concentrates
  • - Pre-fill Cartridge For Up To 400 Draws
  • - Durable Design
  • - Full Flavor From Start to Finish
  • - Replaceable Battery


The Persei allows you to vaporize solid concentrates anywhere and anytime. Experience consistent flavor from start to finish with the specifically designed Extract Cartridge, the world's first additive free, load your own cartridge system. Persei is the more powerful, bigger brother to the Omicron.


How it Works


Method - Conduction via Atomizer - Load up to a gram of your favorite solid concentrate per cartridge for convenient on-the-go use. Other portable concentrate vaporizers require constant re-loading, while the Persei offers a user-friendly cartridge system that is ready for use at the press of button. Load once for up to 400 draws per cartridge!


Style - Direct Draw -  The Persei allows you to alter the Ohms on your atomizer, so you can custom taylor your experience for Solid or Liquid Concentrates. 


Perfect For - Liquids, Solid Concentrates - Aromatherapy Blends, dried material do not do well in the Persei.  


Accessories - Yes!  Switch up the Ohm rating on your atomizer tube, and fully taylor the experience to your liking!  The Extract Cartridge was specifically designed from the ground up for solid concentrate use, unlike other portable concentrate vaporizers that are typically comprised of re-purposed e-cigarette components or require additional liquid additives. Experience pure flavor from the first draw to the last.  Replace extract cartridge after every gram filled for best results. 

Why We Love It

The Persei is truly for conniseurs, with excellent flavor transfer, and the ability to load up to a gram at a time.   Replace extract cartridge after every gram filled for best results. Durable design and powerful heating capabilities make the Persei a top choice for solid concentrate use. The Persei comes with multiple batteries so you'll always have a backup for extended times away from a power source. All parts are extremely durable and made of top quality materials.


Ohm Strength

  • 1.5 Ohms - For Hard Solid Concentrates
  • 2.4 Ohms - For Normal Solid Concentrates (Recommended)
  • 5.0 Ohms - For More Pliable Solid Concentrates
Manufacturer W9
  • Persei Vaporizer
    - Aluminum Shell
    - Aluminum Single-Cartridge Top
    - Battery Cap
  • 2x IMR High Drain 18350 Batteries 7.4v
  • 5 Ohm Extract Cartridge
  • Fill Tool
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Adjustment Tool
  • User Manual

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