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Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV)

List Price: $299.99

Special Price: $269.00

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  • -Ceramic Heating Element
  • -Insane Amounts of Heat
  • -Exceptionally Efficient
  • -Three Glass Wand Styles
  • -Super Durable Construction
  • -Made in the USA
  • -Accessories Available.  
  • -Borosilicate Glass

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer(SSV) achieves the unusual: Excellent function AND a beautiful, fully-custom package. Few vapes on the market are as reliable and versatile as the SSV - functionally it performs like a nine-pound velvet hammer, and the combination of custom glass and infinite color combinations make it look perfect no matter what your setting or style. The flavor is absolutely top shelf, and efficiency is off the charts. 

How It Works

Method - Convection - The SSV is a convection vaporizer that uses a fully customizable whip setup.  Its works by heating a ceramic rod upwards of ~800 F.  Air passes over this rod and through your herbs, heating them to the appropriate temperatures.  The ceramic rod is inert, and they use top quality borosilicate glass and food grade tubing to ensure perfect flavor transfer every time.  You only taste what you load - and nothing else!  

Style - Whip - Straight out of the padded travel bag(included) the SSV is a whip vape, but with attachments it can be converted to a number of styles.  Water pipes, glycerin cooling, hookahs, if you can attach a hose to it, the SSV can adapt to it.  Even as a whip vape it offers three different kinds of wands for three unique vaping styles.  The SSV can customize to your style, as opposed to forcing you to adapt to it.  The heat is high and the air flows fast so you can elevate in an instant.  

Perfect For - Absolutely everyone.  Whether this is your first vape, or you have tried every vape on the market and and looking for a reliable daily driver, the SSV will not disappoint.  Its powerful, customizable, adaptable, and super reliable.  Do any of those traits interest you?

Accessories?  YES!  As we mentioned, whether you have a water pipe, need a longer whip, or just want to mix it up a bit with your blend formats, the SSV has you covered.  Look below for the most popular accessories, or check here for everything 7th Floor has to offer!

Why We Love It

Here at VaporExperts we are big fans of a lot of vapes.  But some...some are sitting on the top shelf and the SSV is definitely one of those.  We love its power, its ease of use, and most importantly, its flavor.  The SSV is made in the USA  from super-durable components  - built to last a lifetime.  The standard warranty is three years, but upgradeable to lifetime if you wish.   You can take it in any direction you wish, from water pieces to standard whip and anything in between.   The folks in marketing wanted us to add a cheesy surfing joke here, but we thought, why waste your time when you could be clicking 'Buy Now'...

Manufacturer 7th Floor
  • One 110v SSV Vaporizer Unit
  • Fully Padded Travel Bag>
  • One Whip Setup
  • Glass Wand(Standard, Ground Glass, or Spherical)
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Food Grade Hose
  • Custom Hand-Made Knob
  • Extra Screens
  • Marble Pick
  • User Guide
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  1. Effective, Easy, Euphoric!!! Review by Derek Night

    I've had my SSV for about two years now, and is my favorite whip style vape! First I was using the Fat Boy Whip Wand set which I thought was the shit, until spherical ground glass came into my life. You can rotate the wand to evenly distribute the heat to guarantee for a delicious milky stream of vapor!!! Be sure to get the hands-free metal attachment so you can vape at ease with beginners! Just flip it around to use it for spherical ground glass.
    Heat up time is just under 4 mins (Crank it up all the way for 3 mins then turn it back to 2 o'clock position for 1 min before attaching wand and begin pulling).
    Stirring the herb every 6 draws and gradually increasing heat (DO NOT go past 4 o'clock, you CAN combust!) will also promote an evenly cooked bowl. Begin with a slow and steady pace and end with a quick draw. Enjoy hope this helped. (Posted on 7/23/12)

  2. kiFOcXExzghUjsprw Review by Burcu

    you're really a good wtbeasmer. The site loading speed is incredible. It seems that you are doing any unique trick. Moreover, The contents are masterpiece. you have done a excellent job on this topic! (Posted on 6/22/12)

  3. iqLYrezGWCPCBh Review by Darlene

    Great information This is very nice. First loekod at tips quantity and we are confounded. We're curious about this type of activities. We appreciate your prospective suggestion, and regard the effort inside this. Please keep enhancing. They are remarkably costly facts (Posted on 6/22/12)

  4. Biased, but hey I'm a SSV man Review by Mark of Fort Collins, CO

    Let me just say, I'm a bit biased in this review, because I come from Colorful COLORADO where this lovely device was pioneered, and is still made today.

    I heard that the FIRST EVER SSV has been left on since it was built, over 7 years ago! Its ceramic heating element finally burned out after 7 years of constant use. That's pretty darn impressive to me, and made me want to review this vaporizer.

    I have a complex setup with a triple-diffuser and percolating ice chamber that puts me X.X every time.

    The all-glass is the key, it has no flavor to it the way vapes like the Magic Flight do. If you crank it up, you can vaporize oil and extracts too. The whole heater is wrapped up in a metal casing that is indestructible. PURE TASTE. PURE POWER. PURE SSV. (Posted on 4/5/12)

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