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Aire H2.2 Whip/Balloon Vaporizer

List Price: $299.00

Special Price: $167.00

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The HerbalAire 2.2 


    • - Balloon or Whip System
    • - Quick Heating
    • - High Output Pump
    • - Intuitive Temperature Control
    • - High Output System - Fill up to 5 Bags at Once! 
    • - 3-Year Warranty
    • - Designed and Made in Canada


The Aire H2.2 rivals the Arizer Extreme-Q as the best hybrid whip and balloon vaporizer. The H 2.2 is well known for outstanding efficiency, with 18 calibrated heat transfer pores that evenly distribute heat across the chamber. Pass it around with the Teflon vapor straws, or hook it up to the pump to fill balloons.  The herbalAire is engineered to the highest of standards and is considered a Scientific Grade Instrument.


How it Works


Method - Convection - The H2.2 uses heated air that passes through your aromtic blends to raise them to the point of vaporization.  18 Tiny jets of aire make sure that none of your blend is left untouched. 


Style - Balloon / Direct Draw -  The HerbalAire H2.2 is all about options.  Do you prefer balloons?  The H2.2 has you covered.  Would you rather have a whip?  Easy.  Sometimes different situations call for different methods.  Many have even used the H2.2 with adapters on their water peices.  


Perfect For - Aromatherapy Blends -  Liquids and concentrates do not do well in the H2.2.  


Accessories - Yes!  The H2.2 offers high-output kits, replacement bags and mouthpeices.  


Why We Love It


We love having options at VaporExperts, and the H2.2 delivers at least two different methods of using it while not skimping on performance at all.  The H2.2 extracts every last bit of aromtic in your blend.  It has a great warranty, is made by our good friends up in Canada.  


Manufacturer H. Aire
  • 1 pc. Aire H2.2 Vaporizer Unit
  • 1 pc. Main Mouthpiece
  • 2 pc. Balloon Extension Straw
  • 1 pc. Upgraded High Output Inflation Pump
  • 1 pc. Tubing w/ Connector
  • 1 pc. Removable Crucible
  • 1 pc. Direct Inhale Whip
  • 3 pc. Easy Make Aromatherapy Balloons
  • 2 pc. Reusable Mouthpiece
  • 2 pc. Balloon Clamps
  • 1 pc. Aire H2.2 Instruction Manual

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