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Vaporizer Warranty Information

Troubleshooting and Warranty Information


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Full Manufacturer's Warranty


Unfortunately, in this tough world even vaporizers sometimes get down on their luck.


As authorized distributors, we can extend full manufacturer warranties to our products. Unlike online bidding and reseller merchant sites, Vapor Experts has formed lasting relationships with our manufacturers. These partnerships are built on a combination of quality and service, and as part of that commitment we are able to offer manufacturer warranty protection on all of our new vaporizers.


Warranties are dealt with exclusively through the manufacturer. We are unable to receive or process any returns or claims. However, we are able to troubleshoot and guide customers to making the right decision. Our service reps can identify whether your vaporizer problem qualifies for free warranty claim service or replacement. We are also happy to usher a warranty claim along to the manufacturer, in order to expedite the warranty claim process.


Our customer service reps are standing by with expert knowledge of vaporizers to help troubleshoot any difficulty our customers are experiencing with a vaporizer or accessory. 


Should you ever experience a problem with your new (or old) vaporizer, just call our customer service line at 888-369-6000 and we will be happy to help you trouble shoot. You can also visit our Vaporizer FAQ section, or submit a query to

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