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Take Flight!

MFLB Features

  • -5 Second Heat Up
  • -Fits in the Palm of Your Hand
  • -Exceptionally Efficient
  • -Trough Holds Enough for Two
  • -Unique Hardwoods
  • -Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries available everywhere
  • -Accessories Available.  
  • -Handcrafted by Skilled Artisans in California

The Magic Flight is one shocking little vape.  At first glance, it may not look like much - but after one use you will quickly realize what a powerful punch it packs. The Magic Flight uses a unique resistance heater that glows with heat instants after being activated. The MFLB is one of the fastest vapes around, getting to ideal temperature in as little as 4 seconds. it comes with two rechargeable batteries that can offer over an hour of continuous vaporization each. The MFLB is the ultimate portable vaporizer, so tiny it can be concealed in the palm of a hand. There's no better way to enjoy vapor on the go than the launch box from magic flight.

How It Works

Method - The MFLB is a conduction vaporizer, that uses the stored electrical energy in the battery which is carried to a heating element in the bowl of the Box, and that heated element gently warms your aromatic blends. The Launch Box provides just enough heat to release the esential oils as a vapor without causing combustion to occur.  The taste is great, and with a little stirring the Magic Flight has proven to be an extremely efficient vaporizer.  

Style - The Magic flight is a versatile vaporizer. Direct Draw? Sure. Whip? Okay! WPA? We've got you covered. Out of the box it comes with a small glass tube, which is completely optional, but does allow for some cooling of the vapors. Magic Flight also offers and extended silicone whip, as well as water pipe attachments. Have custom hardwood? No worries, all of of the Launch box's attachments are also made out of those same hardwood options!

Perfect For - Again, the Magic Flight's versatility shines when it comes to varietals, its perfect for aromatherapy blends, and with the optional concentrate tray, you can vaporize pretty much ANYTHING in this little monster of a vape!

Accessories?  YES!  As we mentioned, whether you have a water pipe, need a longer whip, or just want to mix it up a bit with your blend formats, Magic Flight has you covered.  Look below for the most popular accessories, or check here for everything Magic flight has to offer!

Why We Love It

We honestly weren't sure what to think when we first saw the the Launch Box.  But after one use, we knew instantly that it was a vaporizer that would work for newbies and vapor experts alike.  Its got fantastic flavor transfer, it heats up in an instant, and its built to last with a lifetime warranty.  It takes nearly any format of aromatherapy blend, it fits in the palm of your hand, and is super convenient!  Everyone here at VaporExperts has fallen in love with the MFLB...we know it will only take one draw before you do too!

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<![CDATA[Micro Vaped Glass Globe Attachment]]> http://www.vaporexperts.com/micro-vaped-glass-globe-attachment Our glass globe brings you the biggest most flavorful vapor available for your Vaped vaporizer. Includes 4 nails with ceramic heads and one Vaped exclusive glass globe. Compatible with both LUXURY and MICRO Vaped models. * Battery not included Includes 3 nails with ceramic heads 1 Glass Globe

Regular Price: $69.99

Special Price: $49.99

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<![CDATA[Vapir NO2 Screen Pack - 20 pcs. ]]> http://www.vaporexperts.com/vapir-no2-screen-pack-20-pcs 20 pack of replacement screens for the NO2 Vaporizer are not compatible with any other Vapir vaporizers. The NO2 Portable Vaporizer is the newest version of portable Vapir vaporizers with a rechargeable battery pack. The screens fit into the top filling chamber and will help keep your unit clean during normal usage.
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