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What is a vaporizer?

What is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are electric heating devices that prevent combustion while evaporating essential oils and flavors at very precise temperatures. Too hot, and the ingredients may burn, introducing unpleasant flavors and hazardous byproducts. Too cool, and the necessary essential oils will not evaporate into the air. With today’s vapor technology it’s easy to get the best of both worlds by hitting that sweet spot right between too hot and too cool.


Heating by design.

Vaporizers are able to do so by strictly maintaining the user specified heat within a chamber. As the unit heats up, flavor compounds known as essential oils reach their evaporation temperature, at which point the essential oils become microscopic vapor droplets, and are released into the air.


Digital Vaporizers give the user the ability to choose from a range of available temperatures and watch the temperature within the unit in real time.  Analog vapes do the same job with a knob, dial, or switch that controls the internal temperature. Static Vapes have no temperature control, and as such they are precision calibrated by the manufacturer to heat to one universally desirable temperature, just below the most common combustion temps.


Vaporization eliminates ashes and soot from your lifestyle.

The purpose of vaporization is to reduce the number harmful byproducts that are released from aromatic ingredients (like chamomile, sage, and eucalyptus) without compromising on flavor or aroma. Aromatherapy,mixology, cuisine and holistic health are rapidly becoming major markets for aromatic vaporization.


The Vaporizers we love.

Vaporizers come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, but each vape typically has its own specialty or unique function. Some vaporizers, like the Arizer SOLO are portable for public or on the go settings. Other vaporizers, like the Volcano Classic, are well established as reliable, efficient, and precise heaters for use in advanced applications.


 Our selection of vaporizers encompasses what we believe to be the best in the industry. There are no unsafe or unreliable products in our catalogue, but be wary of 3rd party vendors and brands you may not have heard of. There are many more ‘knock off’ models than there are OEM models, and most of these have never been tested by any human being, except the consumer.

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