In the spirit of summer, we put a twist on a South American favorite, the Caipiroska. This refreshing beverage is perfect poolside or at the playa, and there’s no better way to delight friends, family and guests than by infusing your drinks with all natural vapors, courtesy of your favorite vaporizer. Not only do the vapors leave a mild, delicate flavor in the glass, but the spirits absorb the vaporized flavors, giving the cocktail a delightful aroma without disturbing its pristine color.

The Caipiroska is a favorite in Brazil, Uruguay, and other South American nations, and is quickly building popularity across the globe, if you have not tried this stunningly tasty drink before, here’s your chance!

This recipe combines the Caipiroska with all natural flavors from fresh Mint Leaves and Ginger Root into what we call “The Vaipiroska” Enjoy!

- 3 slices of fresh ginger root
- 1 ½ teaspoons of turbinado or raw organic cane sugar
- 5 mint sprigs
- 4 ounces of white rum
- 1 whole lime, sliced

Combine three slices of fresh ginger and four mint sprigs in your blender or grinder and bring to a finely chopped/ground state. Place the resulting mixture into the filling chamber and set your vaporizer to high heat, between 375-425 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the vaporizer warms up, mix the rum and freshly squeezed lime juice together in a cocktail shaker.
Place the mixology attachment in the shaker and turn on the fan, allowing the vapors to bubble through the mixture in 10-15 second bursts for up to two minutes.

TIP: When using fresh ginger root and mint leaves, it is best to prolong the drink’s exposure to the vapor in order to ensure the flavor is well infused.

Fill the shaker with ground ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled highball glass. Add turbinado or cane sugar over the top of the drink.

Garnish with the remaining mint sprig.

Yields 1 tantalizing summer cocktail

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