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Aromatherapy & Vaporization Lifestyle

Vaporization has recently exploded as a worldwide progressive trend, that allows for the first time ever the ability to effortlessly extract essential oils and other flavor component from almost any ingredient.

From exotic spices to classic home remedies, vaporizers can unlock the potential of most blends to deliver a safe and efficient flavorful vapor. These vapors contain the same essential oils produced during combustion, without all of the potentially harmful byproducts.

Today, aromatherapists are using essential oil diffusion as a means to enhance the user’s sense of emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness. Aromatherapy is a common aspect of disciplines such as:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Guided Meditation
  • Stress Relief
  • Yoga
  • Spa Treatments
  • Mood Installations
  • ...And More!

With a portable or desktop vaporizer, Aromatherapists can expose their clients to a wide range of pleasant and beneficial scents and flavors in whatever living or work space requires them. From the office, to the mat, to the bedroom, aromatherapy can help focus attention, mediate mood swings, and relieve stressful aspects of the daily routine.

Culinary Applications of Vaporization

Vapors are flavoring and complementing foods and drinks right now in some of the top kitchens around the world.

Vaporizers extract flavors from certain ingredients without bringing texture and color with it.

That’s how celebrity chef Grantz Achatz is able to flavor his dishes with leather, fire ashes, and grass without creating inedible meals. Chef Achatz is able to use a Volcano Vaporizer to isolate just the flavor of an ingredient without bringing along any other components

By releasing essential flavor compounds from ingredients, vaporizers are able to isolate aroma and flavor without bringing along the color, texture, and other unintentional aspects of a given ingredient. This gives vaporizers a unique advantage over other flavor-infusing techniques.

Vapor is also a diverse medium, since it responds directly to temperature, and fills the volume of its container. Vapor has been used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Vapor Garnishes - Meant to enhance the flavor of a dish, restaurants like Alinea in Chicago have been known to serve lamb over rosemary vapor filled pillows.
  • Vapor Flavoring - Spain’s world famous gastronomist Chef Ferrain Adria uses up to 6 Volcano Vaporizers at a time to flavor his tasting menu. Often times a dish that looks clear and flavorless can carry powerful taste thanks to vapor infusion.
  • Vapor Cocktails - Many mixology bars use vaporizers as a way of infusing their drinks with unique and exotic flavors. Vaporized essential oils adhere readily to alcohol based beverages, yielding a crisp yet flavorful drink.

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